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Natanya 3/30/2022

2007 BMW 325i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

BMW e90 325i Car has rough idle on cold start. Sounds like car is switching on and off all the time When car dies it lo

New battery was bought and coded
I need to know how to fix this issue please

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Jimm 3/31/2022

Several possibilities; poor quality fuel, worn fuel injectors, worn ignition coil, clogged / dirty air intake filter, dirty air intake mass air flow sensor (clean using a specific mass air flow sensor spray), worn spark plugs, engine vacuum leak - to list only a few.

Also, have the software checked for any updates...."Code 27308 Software level performed vehicle short test, faults stored in DME 29D1, 29CC, 29D0 Misfires, 3100, 30FE Charge in Air Pressure Control. Performed test plan for fault stores found software level in vehicle out of date. Checked vehicle software"

Be sure to fully diagnose and test / inspect before throwing time and money at the problem.


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