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Kristy 7/17/2020

2000 Chevrolet K3500 LS 8 Cyl 7.40L


Keeps blowing pcm1 fuse

Truck has blown pcm 1 fuse multiple times had been towed to the shop to fix it but everything is running as it should. They told me may be a wire short. I tracked all wires from fuel pump to fuse box and found one wire that seems to be grounding out on the fire wall. Burn make on metal and one wire. I re taped each of the 4 wires separately and put heat wrap on it and zip tied away from metal. Now I'm afraid to drive it cause I don't want to break down again when it dies I have no power steering or power breaks. Should I feel confident that I found the problem and just drive it or keep looking

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Jimm 7/18/2020

Kristy - simply go back and double-check the repair work, and maybe add extra protection from chafing / abrasion / wire damage - look for any sharp metal and any edges which could make contact with the same wire harness.

Use a wire sleeve (like a plastic abrasion-resistant mesh, as well as added layers of insulation protection.

However, there will be trade-offs; considering protection from physical damage (insulation breakdown and shorts) versus any signal loss, and routing / bending of the harness itself.

Realize the 20-year old wiring may also crack and break down with the wire bundle movement - in order to even effectively make the repairs and prevent failures!

Be careful and take your time. Check for results (continuity, 'bend testing') using a digital or analog volt-ohm meter or VOM.


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