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flip 5/14/2017

2008 Volvo XC90 3.2 Sport 6 Cyl 3.20L


blower improperly working?

Hello. my blower is fluctuating in speed. After a while the blower is dying out slowly then at some point barely any air is blowing I am thinking it is the blower motor. Also it takes about maybe 4 to 5 minutes for cold air to come out of the vents . I have had the Freon checked and it is up to spec.They did not find any leaks in the system. Any help would be great. I recently changed the dryer out.

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Teddy B

Teddy B 5/14/2017

Why did the shop not diagnose a failing HVAC Blower ?

You know what it is doing & you know it has to be tested
including it's circuits !

Your telling a story --you know what to do

The help you need,apparently, is to go back to the shop that
should have performed better the first time


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