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srcald34 1/24/2013

2012 Cadillac CTS Performance 6 Cyl 3.6L

Body & Interior

Blinker on CTS Coupe blinks very quickly after first two blinks ...

A cracked tail light was replaced with a working unit from totaled 2010 CTS coupe. The effected side now behaves as follows: 2 normal blinks followed by rapid blinking. Reinstalling the original unit results in operation as expected. The 4 way flashers behave as expected with either tail light. The rear fog light portion of the replacement unit does not function. Current draw of the brake/flasher assembly: apprx 450 mA for original unit, 350 mA for replacement unit. I tested a quick modification to increase draw of the replacement unit to 450 mA, the quick flashing is still observed.

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