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Brad Miller

Brad ... 6/3/2019

2004 Pontiac Montana Base 6 Cyl 3.40L


What is the best way to bleed the cooling system?

Changed thermostat now have air in system. Get alot of vacuum when taking off radiator cap. Tired off running back and forth starting engine and then shutting down to fill radiator again. Some liquid comes out but mostly air. Would a brake bleeder system help?

2 Answers


Jimm 8/16/2019

The cooling system is self-bleeding. Make sure the radiator cap and seal is in good shape.


Jimm 8/23/2019

A typical bleeding procedure might include:

Pour coolant into the radiator cap opening to fill the system
Gently open any coolant air bleeders to give trapped air another way to escape
Start the engine
Turn on the heat to ensure coolant flows through the heater core
Add coolant through the radiator cap opening to keep the system full as the water pump circulates the coolant and air escapes
Watch the temperature gauge to make sure the engine is not overheating
Close the coolant air bleeders once air bubbles stop escaping and coolant starts coming out
Install the radiator cap and drive the vehicle around until the engine warms up completely but does not overheat
Look for leaks, let the engine cool down and then add coolant and/or repeat the above procedure as needed


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