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merced ... 5/12/2013
2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Limited 6 Cyl 4.0L - Engine
What cause black smoke comes out of muffler and hesitate to change speed?

A mechanic suggested me to change the EGR valve and MAF sensor but still behaving same.
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  • Bill
    Bill 5/12/2013
    Is the Check engine light on? If so have trouble codes that the ECU has stored pulled at your local auto parts store.
    mercedlidia 5/13/2013
    the mechanic check my truck with his computer device and told me it shows that the EGR and the MAF sensor was the problem. I replaced these two parts and it didn't resolve the problem.
    mercedlidia 5/13/2013
  • rvillegas
    rvillegas 7/10/2013
    this sound like a problem with youre fuel injectors,or a an air leak that's causing youre vehicle to burn rich,black smoke is gas and its usually a problem with dirty injectors or faulty plugs or distributor problem,or wires.does it have the check engine light on?if it does you need to scan the computer to see what codes come out,auto zone usually does this for free!
  • sanfordwilmer
    sanfordwilmer 5/15/2013
    Correctly as Weny has said that oil is being consumed within the combustion chamber or the fuel is running rich. Mostly it happens due to the former since piston rings have worn out and the engine needs a complete overhaul. To enable you get a better perspective on the problem, will help you troubleshoot and rectify the error by yourself. Hope this helps.

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