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zeem 4/23/2010

1983 Mercedes Benz 300TD Base 5 Cyl 3.0L


Belts Squeaking Tension Rod Snapped

The belts on the front of my 300d engine squeak when it gets cold. They are loose when I push on them, and I know the problem is with the rod you twist to tighten them. The long screw rod has snapped from the turning handle.

Is this is a hard thing to fix? What is the part called?


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HouseCallAuto 4/23/2010

Only one way to do this. Stop at a MB parts dept and look at the exploded view and you can select the parts you need if you will DIY. Usually not a hard job to do but not certain, I don't do MB very often but I know what you are referring to that is broken because it happens on other cars too. Do not try to describe to them over the phone what you need.


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