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jagsdaddy 4/10/2010

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 4 Cyl 2.40L


battery keeps draining

had and electrical short, because the wrong battery was tried to be put in, and everything from the dash up did not work, (radio, clock, dash light, visor light, sun roof....), although the AC/Heat, seatbelt light and gas light did come on. i took it to the shop and got all of the fuses replaced and i bought the fuse that goes on the battery terminal from the dealership and and replaced that myself. The car worked fine, except that i had a blown amp so my speakers don't work, but I had to get a jump yesterday and today it needs another. i also bought a new battery 5 days ago and yes it is the correct one this time. i have been told by friends over the phone that it could be the alternator, but because of the shot that i experenced i'm not so sure that's the problem. I think it may have something to do with the blown amp since it pulls power from the battery, but I disconected it yesterday and taped up the wires. To be honest I'm just lost!!!! Please help

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torpedocowboy 4/10/2010

the alternator may also have a fuse in it but i would have it tested at az or shucks to be sure and eliminate the posibility


HouseCallAuto 4/10/2010

To find the cause of the battery drain, the thing to do is attach a meter between the negative battery terminal and the negative battery post reading amperage (the amount of the drain will show on the meter) example: .936 Ma (almost 1 full amp) Ma = milliamps. Then while you are looking at the meter, remove EVERY fuse there is ONE AT A TIME and each time look and see if the drain went away or became lower (should drop below 100Ma) and also while you do this, the first fuse that should be removed is the fuse for the interior lights (probably the courtesy fuse or cig lighter fuse) because the door being open while you remove fuses will show as a drain on your meter. When you remove the fuse that drops the amps down, just ID the fuse circuit and you are almost there. (If for example you find that the radio fuse drops the amps down to a normal range, then you know that the radio is no good and leave the fuse out until you know what you will do.


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