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vernel ... 4/15/2010
1998 GMC Safari SL 6 Cyl 4.3L - Engine
New battery is dead after not being started for 1 to 2 days. New battery replaced a two year old battery .
Same problem with two year old battery that was replaced.
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  • chico
    chico 4/16/2010
    sounds as if the alternator or the generator is gone bad. Have them both checked I bet its one of those 2 componets since the batteries are being drained
  • Lyle
    Lyle 4/16/2010
    You need to disconnect the battery terminal and retouch it to the post and watch for spark. After determining if this is present, go to the fuse panel and start unplugging some fuses one at a time...keep in mind that some radio stations and clocks will have to be reset, and some brands of vehicles will run rough for a few minutes after unplugging anything that has to do with the computer. Now as I was saying earlier; unplug one fuse at a time and go back to the battery and do the touch test again and repeat these steps until the spark stops. Now, look on the fuse panel and see what devices are supplied by this fuse that stopped the spark from taking place. You now can start disconnecting these devices one at a time and repeating the battery terminal test until the spark stops...don't forget to replace that fuse while making these tests. After you have found the device that is responsible for the problem, you can decide whether it is a connector or the device needs replaced. Good luck.
  • 1910jdl
    1910jdl 4/18/2010
    you always get sparks moduals always power up when you connect a battery you need a meter set to amps and chk for draw pulling one fuse at a time and see if the draw goes down
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 4/18/2010
    1910jdl you are right, and that is the way I always do it, with a Fluke, but the average driveway DIY don't usually have what we have so the spark method although not accurate as hell will vary the intensity of the spark enough that you will be able to tell the difference between 100 Ma and .9 amps. I was forced to use the spark method recently while diagnosing a parasitic on a 98 Grand Marquis because my Fluke fuse took a dump. The spark method works too as long as you have an open mind and can patiently look carefully at the intensity of the spark. It is important that when we answer questions here on AutoMD us mechanics keep in mind that the people asking questions will not likely have access to a Genisys scanner or a Fluke 88 meter or wiring diagrams so I personally try to give my answers in driveway DIY language whenever possible. It is not always possible.

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