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millhouse 10/29/2010

1985 Chevrolet C30 Custom 8 Cyl 6.2L


batteries will not charge, headlights won't come on and the engine will not start without starting fluid what is wrong?

this is an ongoing issue, no warning lights on the batteries simply will not charge. it has two brand new batteries, It acts as if the glowplugs are not getting hot enough to start the truck without spraying with starting fluid as well.The headlights no longer work and the alternator is supposidly still good.What else could be causing this issue?

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Bobby 10/29/2010

tghis sounds like multiple issues i don't think these are related at all, first you need to get it starting before anything, if it only starts with starting fluid then I would guess there is a fuel delivery problem, check the fuel pressure to make sure fuel is even getting to the engine.

If not charging once runnning on its own then start by double checking the alternator, supposidly good doesn't mean it is, check the wires for corrosion you might have a bad wire from alternator to battery or to ground. once all that is fixed then worry about the lights.


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