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dondon 4/13/2012

1998 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG Base 8 Cyl 4.3L

Preventive Maintenance

batterey light on dash,battery charged & alternator both tested ok at local auto zone&adavance auto parts,

142000 miles,battery discharged afer starting & running motor for about 15 minutes,all fuses ok removed & cleaned chassy to engine ground cable

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Bill 4/13/2012

Does battery die after 15 min or does engine die. If engine dies a bad alternator, 95%


dondon 4/14/2012

this time ,battery & engine ,yesterday i had just over 13 volts at batterry& just over 13 volts at alternator,& juat over 13 volts at the smaller wire on the back of the alternator,& when i reconnected it to the alternator the voltage drops,i have heard that an internally shorted alternator cant be detected with the tester these auto parts store uses

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