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fixmybmw 5/9/2018

2009 BMW X5 3.0si 6 Cyl 3.00L


Can bad wiring to a fuel pump cause the battery and alternator to go bad?

My fuel pump was replaced for recall in March.In April, my car shut off and wouldn't start.I took it to my mechanic who tested the battery( it was just installed the day before) and the alternator with the diagnostic machine and checked the voltage. Both tested as fine. The diagnostic showed there was a problem with the fuel pump so I took it back to the shop that replaced it. They found the issue was the wiring had been done incorrectly and fixed it. I got my car back and within hours all the lights came on and then it stopped on me while driving. I had it towed back and the shop said it was the battery they tested it and it wasn't holding a charge.I took the battery to the store and they gave me a new one. The shop installed that battery and did a diagnostic to check for other problems. Everything tested fine. It broke down the same way the next day,now they're saying it's the battery and alternator. The test is showing both now.How are the fuel pump,alternator and battery connected

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[email protected] 5/11/2018

find a different shop , It is possible but un likely the story from your technician about being wired wrong...This car needs a charging system test , draw test , and some who can update the fuel pump driver.


fixmybmw 5/11/2018

The shop told my mechanic that a fuse was blown that's why they had to rework the wiring with the fuel pump. In your opinion, would that cause damage to the battery or alternator? Also, are you a certified BMW mechanic?

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