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ambereric 3/2/2011
1993 Pontiac Bonneville SE 2Cyl0.5L - Steering & Suspension
will a bad transmission mount cause my car to torque steer left and right?
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    Short Course 3/2/2011

    Any or all of the following conditions can aggravate an existing torque steer problem as well as cause it to appear in a FWD vehicle that previously didn't experience torque steer:

    Unequal front tire inflation pressure side to side

    Unequal camber (the car will pull towards the side with the greatest amount of positive camber).

    Toe misalignment (both static toe or toe-out when steering).

    Unequal caster side-to-side

    Incorrect ride height (nose too high).

    Misalignment between the transaxle, driveshafts and chassis.

    Front tires with unequal wear.

    Loose or worn wheel bearings

    Looseness or worn parts in the steering linkage or rack.

    Worn or loose control arm bushings

    Control arm bushings that are too soft and allow too much movement under load

    Excessive front wheel offset (deep dish aftermarket wheels)

    Rear axle misalignment

    A dragging brake caliper on one side

    Increased engine torque (hopping up the engine in a FWD car that already has a torque steer problem will make torque steer worse).

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