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serg 2/20/2023

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid 4 Cyl 2.30L


hello, i ave and engine noise possibly valve train related?

hi, i have a 2008 ford escape 2.3 l engine. When the engine is stopped for a while and I start it, I hear a noise that disappears quickly. When I stop the engine and I restart it immediately, i do not hear the noise. I wanted to check the timing chain tensioner condition with out removing the timing chain cover. i have the valve cover off at the top, where you have the two camshaft sprockets, I push on the timing chain with my finger i get about half an inch play.What would be normal for timing chain play? if i crank the engine the timing chain becomes tight but when i push the chain down it becomes loose again. Also when i get someone to push on the timing chain from the valve cover i would see that the tensioner plunger going in and out from under the motor with the oil pan removed. Would that be sufficient to check tensioner condition. i also found what would appear to be aluminum in the oil pan.

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