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automdmike 1/22/2018

1995 Acura Legend GS 6 Cyl 3.20L

Body & Interior

AutoMD Degree of Difficulty

When I first used AutoMD a few years ago it was very easy to use. I had a list of what I presumed was all the parts of which my car was comprised, I chose what I wanted repaired or replaced, and AutoMD gave me a list of nearby shops with each shop's labor rates and cost of parts. This Diagnosis Made Easy is anything but easy in my case. Now I no longer get to choose from a list of parts. None of the list of symptoms lead me to my problem (speedometer). None of the list of choices for what is wrong lead me to my problem (speedometer). Am I supposed to go back to cold calling shops to get and compare estimates? Shop owners don't like answering the kinds of questions that were previously answered by AutoMD's description of each shop's services. Am I overlooking something?

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Jimm 1/22/2018

You might get more traction to the questions posed if you could contact the AutoMD website. One thing to recall too; change is inevitable - so I'd recommend to voice your concerns at a different level and forum, than this one designed for Repair Q&A.

AutoMD is owned and operated by US Auto Parts;

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automdmike 1/27/2018

If this forum is designed for Repair Q&A then I think this is right place to find answers about how to diagnose and repair the speedometer for my 1995 Acura Legend GS. Also, the description of AutoMD in the above paragraph, About AutoMD.com, is the kind of experience that I had the first time I used AutoMD but seem to be unable to duplicate.


Jimm 1/28/2018

Symptoms of VSS problems are generally a dead or erratic speedometer. It is possible your speedometer gauge is just broken. Try another one from the junkyard. Buy a whole cluster if you can, that way you can just plug it in and immediately know if the problem is in the cluster/gauge or somewhere else. Then if the gauge works in the junkyard cluster, swap the good speedometer over into your cluster.

Try this link and website (below), or peform a simple Google search for the possible 'speedometer not working' issues for the 1995 Acura Legend vehicle.

Acura has issued a technical service bulletin in regard for 1991-1994 model years, though it may apply for your 1995 model as well: describes a recall and repair / diagnosis for a faulty VSS (vehicle speed sensor). To determine whether this information applies, contact an authorized Acura dealership.


Try these on-line resources for the replacement parts;
www.autopartswarehouse.com, www.partsgeek.com, www.rockauto.com, www.partstrain.com, www.autoanything.com - to list only a few.

For example, they (RockAuto) list the replacement VSS (vehicle speed sensor) from around $90.00 each for your vehicle.


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