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marc7111 10/4/2010

1991 BMW 535i Base 6 Cyl 3.5L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Automatic Transmission Gears Will Not Shift

I just bought a 1991 bmw 535i automatic the person who sold it to me said the torque convertor is what is most likely causing the problem and needs to be replaced i i called a junk yard who has it for 200 dollars i also called a bmw specialist shop they said they would have to rebuild it and the total cost of labor and everything would be $2,000 i called my local autozone and was told they have torque convertors for the bmws for $150 manufacture is dacco one of my family members knows about cars and offered to replace it does the torque convertor seem to be causing the problem ?
what is the best thing to do and i also found it weird that i can buy the torque convertor new for 150 but a shop wants 2,000 does not sound right to me but i guess it is what it is because of the rebulding and labor i was also told by the person who sold it that when they where driving the car they heard a weird noise seemd to come from the transmission then thats when this problem was presented

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Kenneth 10/4/2011

try driving slow. stay on 1st gear


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