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Jayant Amin

Jayant ... 8/16/2011

1988 Mercedes Benz 190D 2.5 5 Cyl 2.5L

Body & Interior

I asked this question but no one seem to have any precise answer to my question. However here I am going to give you ful

full description. I have a 1988 Mercedes Bens 190D 2.5L with a low mileage of 42,000. I am having a very precise problem with my a/c system. The symptom is: When I first start the engine the cool air blows from the vents perfectly and the auxiliary fan runs all fine. As long as the car is stationary,may it be for two minutes , ten minuts or half an hour, the system works fine . No sooner the car is in motion for about two to five minutes, the Aux' fan stops and never start again during the motion of the car and the a/c stops throwing cool air. If I stop the vehicle and switch off the ignition for a minute and then restart the engine, the cool air starts blowing and the auxiliary fan stat spinning. As long as I hols the vehicle, the a/c works well and the aux' fan keeps on spinning, but no sooner I put the carin motion, it stops after two/three minutes. If the outside temperature is mild at night the system works all the time but the system has problem when outside temp is hot.

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Jimm 8/16/2011

Several possibilities; faulty a/c cooling fan temperature sensor, faulty a/c cooling fan wiring / connection, faulty a/c cooling fan relay. Without looking firsthand at the vehicle and performing some diagnostic tests - it's difficult to be more precise with an answer.


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