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E Rod

E Rod 4/19/2010

2002 Toyota Celica GT 4 Cyl 1.8L


arrrr my toyota corolla wont turn

2002 toyota corolla, nephew Has a bran new starter,plug and cable and won't turn over what is going on could this be caused by the alternator

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Bobby 4/19/2010

if the car is cranking and the battery has a charge then the problem isn't the alternator. The problem if the vehicle is running is going to be a spark problem, meaning there is no electrical current going through the sparks plugs to ignite the fuel in the cylinders, or you are not getting fuel pressure and no fuel is reaching the cylinders or the timing is off and something has caused that to happen. If the timing is off the car may backfire, pretty much cranking won't be normal. If you have no fuel then it could be a fuel pump pressure regulator or bad fuel injectors. Idf you have no spark since you all ready tried spark plugs and wires, it could be the ignition coil or module. when you are cranking the car do you smeel gas the more you try and start it?


HouseCallAuto 4/19/2010

Buy or borrow a code reader (they are 75 to 100 bucks) When engines crank over but do not start up, they often leave a fault code behind in the computer so the tech fixing the car can see what has happened. The code will facilitate the diagnostic process. You really need to know what the codes are if there are codes, or if there are no codes, that is just as important. If you can repost with the code I can help.



Mike 4/19/2010

We need to confim what you mean by will not turn over. I think bobby may be confused. He sure confused me.


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