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c_felkins 11/2/2012
2000 Lincoln Navigator Base 8 Cyl 5.4L - Brakes
After applying brakes at a stop, they don't release all the way.
Just started several weeks ago. Seems to be on all 4 wheels, as when feeling the discs, they are all hot. opening up the bleed valves on each wheel, they all have some pressure behind them (without brakes being applied). I replaced the master cyclinder to no avail. Drained and replaced the brake fluid. No error codes on reader. unplugging the ABS system connector has no effect.
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  • clayton
    clayton 11/2/2012
    could be in the abs system its self
    c_felkins 11/2/2012
    Considering the cost of a new one, I hope not, but thanks

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