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AutoMD ... 10/28/2013
2000 BMW 323i Base 6 Cyl 2.5L - Steering & Suspension
When I apply the brakes I hear a loud clunk in the right front corner.
This happens both when I stop hard, and when just normally applying the brakes. Everything seems tight and there is no slop in the brake caliper. I am thinking it is a bushing issue, and hoping it is not something with the shocks. The car does not dip or drop the front end differently no than it did prior to the noise starting . The car has about 135000 miles.
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  • bear.1216
    bear.1216 10/30/2013
    Does vehicle pull right or left when driving or braking. Or does the vehicle shake or pedal pulsate. Brake pulsation can cause noise and is caused by a warped brake rotor. Sounds like it could be worn caliper slides or brake pads are loose in caliper bracket. It could also be caused by loose suspension parts. Have the front end checked for worn parts like control arm bushings tie rod ends ball joints sway bar links shock or strut mounts. If it only clunks when hitting the brakes and not when hitting bumps then you should concentrate on the brakes. Check the caliper for looseness in the slides then remove the caliper and check to see how loose the brake pads fit into the bracket. You likely need new caliper hardware.

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