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diki 5/11/2011

1988 Suzuki Forsa Base 3 Cyl 1.0L


This is may alternator problem, but can you explain exactly.

Condition stationer rpm, voltage of alternator same with batery (12V), it mean not charge or less capacity. if rpm increase, voltage can increase to 13.5 V (can charge batery). What is the problem? The alternator just 1 year. Before stationer or high rpm the voltage stable between 13.5 V - 14,5 V
Thank you

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Nissan Technical Advisor

Alternator is good for me. If you want to know about charging system, read article on alternator & charging check .

Nissan Technical Advisor

diki 5/12/2011

thank's of the suggestion. You might see that the right picture is same case with me. That in stationer the voltage only 12...V but then increase if RPM increase, volt up until same to left picture.

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