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Janie 7/13/2010

1998 Chevrolet Metro LSi 4 Cyl 1.3L


where on the alternator is the neg. battery cable connected?

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HouseCallAuto 7/13/2010

The negative battery cable is not connected directly but since the alternator is bolted to the engine and the negative cable is attached to the engine, that is how it is indirectly attached. What problem are you trying to diagnose?


Janie 7/14/2010

My car just died at an intersection, and nothing worked, no a/c, no lights, horn, or nothing . When I opened the hood I saw the neg wire from battery melted at the end, and assummed it went to the alternator. I have cleaned the battery, put new cables and posts, checked all the spark plugs, and all fuses. Now the car cranks but will not start. Where on the engine do I connect the neg. battery cable? I am really dumb, sorry....lol. Thx for your previous response.

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