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winnie ... 4/14/2010
2006 Mini Cooper Base 4 Cyl 1.6L - Preventive Maintenance
what is an alternator and what does a new one cost for my mini?
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  • Macline
    Macline 4/14/2010
    Well i do that alternators charge your battery, and probably does other things for your cars eletronics. I do know that the price of an alternator for your 2006 mini cooper 4cly 1.6l goes for $ 185.99 at autozone an thats if you turn in your old alternator. if not then buying the part withoug turning in the old one will cost you $233.99. You may be able to find it cheaper somewhere else but thats just one place i know of.
  • RC
    RC 4/14/2010
    The alternator charges the battery and powers the vehicle electrical systems. The labor time is 1.8 hr to replace the alternator on a 2006 Mini.

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