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Miller doxies
Miller ... 10/7/2010
2000 Mercury Cougar V6 6 Cyl 2.5L - Engine
What will make a new alternator go bad 3 times in a row. Could it possibly be putting the pulley on the alternator
considering regulator is in that alternator unlike most Fords? or wiring short and where? No burnt wires have been found. Can anyone help? Thanks
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  • Bill
    Bill 10/7/2010
    Give more info. How often replaced. New or rebuilt alternator. I had one go out because of coolant / antifreeze slowly dripping onto. There may be other causes like dead shorts. Regulator problems, etc.
  • Miller doxies
    Miller doxies 10/8/2010
    Don't believe it is dead shorts. Has been replaced 3 times. All new alternators without pulley. Going to get a new alternator with a new pulley. Was told the pulley is a big deal. Hopefully that works.
  • b_ballboy_2013
    b_ballboy_2013 1/3/2013
    i have the same problem dose your headlights flash??? by any chance??????
    CVO 1/3/2013
    If the headlights flash, replace it with a new alternator.
  • wpsolka
    wpsolka 1/6/2013
    Make sure you fully recharge your batter--auto part store will do for free. Then new alternator will not go bad.

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