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david kirk

david kirk 8/2/2010

1989 Volvo 780 Base 4 Cyl 2.30L


alt. seems not to charge batt. to over 12.5 v. alt emits 14.4 v. ground is clean. could the positive cable be bad?

where does other end connect.
new alt.
car has 226k miles

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Bobby 8/2/2010

well what you are saying is exactly what a vehicle should have. Car batteries are 12 volts and when running the vehicle's charging system will run the vehicle at about 14 volts. So why do you think the alternator is not charging? Unless you are confusing amps with volts??


david kirk 8/2/2010

the guage in the dash will register midway between 11 and 16v at startup-as you drive without any aux systems running; volts begin to drop and power begins to fade. this is the 3rd alt after the orig[1] replacements 1 & 2

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