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ahdallas13 4/5/2010

2004 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 6 Cyl 3.4L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Is there a certain way to align a new out put shaft (RT side) on an 04 pontiac grand am?

I replaced the right drive shaft on 04 pontiac grand am. I bought a new one from Napa instead of the re-manufactured one. The new ones don't come with a stub shaft and you have to re-use the one you have. The stub shaft is on the transmission side of the output shaft is also a seal. It hasn't seated all the way flush against the tranny since I got the new. I've taken it back for replacement once. The seal on the stub shaft has to scored grooves, and sticks out of the tranny about a quarter inch. and can be tapped up and down the splined shaft that it comes on, When you put everything back together and start tightening the end nut at the wheel it almost seems to pull the output shaft out of the tranny. I've taken it in and out ten times to double check and reevaluate. Since installing the new out put shaft it grinds with the rotation of the wheels. I'm stumped, or at least need a more experience opion. I'm just a body man/painter for god's sake, not a mechanic!

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JimmyMustang 4/5/2010

May be the wrong shaft, have had a lot of experience with manufacturers making different length shafts based on different suspensions for the same vehicle etc... I would call into a GM dealer and ask them if there is more than one for a grand am based off the vin. All it takes is a 1/2 inch difference sometimes. I would double and then triple check do you still have the old one, line it up with the new if you can and see if there are any differences. Then take it back to napa and see about a reman and line them up, there is probably some obscure minor difference thats causing your problem.


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