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chevyg ... 4/21/2012

2000 Chevrolet Impala LS 6 Cyl 3.80L


Why when I have aircondition freon put in it will get cold for about 30 minutes then it feel likes the heat is on?

also my car has a hard miss in the engine what could that be?

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CVO 4/22/2012

A. Have the A/C system checked by a certified HVAC, it's has a leak.

B. Replace the fuel filter and add a Chevron Fuel injector cleaner in the fuel tank to see if that will help the miss..

C.The check engine light doesn't have to be ON to store a fault code.

1.Local auto parts stores such as Autozone ( not in California) or Advance Auto parts will scan and retrieve any diagnostic trouble codes stored in the powertrain control module for free of charge..

2. Amazon.com has the code reader for less than $21.00 dollars.

3.Re-post the dtc's in here " answer question " and we will advise the repair.

Note: we need the dtc's to identify the sensor, there're a dozen different sensors to operate the car and we can't do with a guesswork.

Visit this site and see all the sensors.


Navigate to this site and see the code reader


chevygirl2000 8/3/2012

what is a computer cluster and where is it located also is it a costly repair?


CVO 8/3/2012

It must be the engine control computer.
See this http://www.autozone.com/.../N-jdz5tZ9gsp8

Labor 1 hr to 1.4 hr.

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