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kphawaii 1/19/2013

2002 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 6 Cyl 3.3L

Body & Interior

This airbag light stays on all the time. Is this a safety issue should I have it checked out?

I am buying a used car and the airbag light stays on all the time. Is this a safety issue? Should I have it checked out before I buy the car?

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Jimm 1/19/2013

Yes, most certainly is a safety issue - do not buy the vehicle without having the airbag and all safety features functioning. Do not buy / do not consider purchase until the safety airbag system is properly serviced - your life and the lives of passengers may be at risk.


wbrockstar 7/3/2013

Eventhough Jimm is giving good advice,if the horn and cruise are not working along with airbag light bein on it means that your airbag clockspring needs to be replaced.a common problem with caravans


wbrockstar 7/9/2013

If Im not mistaken,the airbag clockspring on caravans has a recall for that part.Youll have to check with Dodge to verify what models/years are included in recall

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