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victor 12/7/2011

2001 BMW 525i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Preventive Maintenance

my airbag light came on about 1 month ago and now my heater air is not blowing

141000 are the miles just the airbag light is on all the time with the heater blower not blowing its been two days and its all the time while driving or not check engine light is not on any responses is appreciated thankyou victor

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 12/7/2011

The SRS warning lamp is often triggered for relatively minor reasons that do not require any maintenance on the system. Any number of harmless acts can trigger the SRS lamp:

Driving the car through a large puddle, or being exposed to lots of rain
Swapping steering wheels
Removing the gauge cluster to replace light bulbs
Aggressive and/or track driving
Accidentally disconnecting an SRS component while hooking up electrical accessories, like an alarm or stereo
Pulling a fuse for the SRS system while performing electrical troubleshooting.
Bad seatbelt sensor in the belt receptacle (common failure)
You can’t clear the lamp by disconnecting the battery – it will stay on. You can take the car to your local BMW dealer, but they will charge you anywhere from $80 to $300 just to diagnose the system and reset the lamp. However, there is a new tool available for the home mechanic that allows you to troubleshoot and diagnose air bag problems. The tool plugs into the same socket and allows you to diagnose the problem with your airbag, and also to reset a that annoying lamp. The instructions are very simple – just plug it in, read the codes, and then reset the lamp. Most of the time, the airbag error code will be relatively minor, particularly if you know what caused the error. For example, the airbag light went on after I removed the gauges from my E36, and then accidentally turned the ignition on in order to move the steering wheel out of the way so they could be reinstalled.

Many people have told me that the airbags will not deploy when the airbag lamp is illuminated. This is an area of much controversy, as I have also been told by more than a few people that their airbags did deploy when the light was on. From this non-specific evidence, I would hazard to guess that the airbag system does indeed continue working when the light is on. However, the light is obviously there to warn of a potential fault in the system, so you should check it out immediately if it does happen to light up.

In addition, BMW factory documentation seems to indicated that the airbag system will still work if the airbag light is on, and there are only minor faults observed. I will quote from BMW factory documents:

72 01 93 (2137) - "The [airbag] Watchdog subsystem has the ability to disable the Output Stage in the event of certain faults."

72 01 85 (2042) - "If the SRS indicator light [lights up] the system is faulty; there is a risk of the system not operating in the event of an accident.

So it would seem, depending upon the type of fault recorded by the Watchdog system, the airbags may or may not deploy - it depends on how serious the fault it.

There are quite a few BMW Technical Bulletins available on the design and maintenance of the SRS system. Bulletin 72.01.85 details the SRS system, 71.01.93 discusses the later-model Central Activation Module, and 61.02.00 describes the procedures for installing various SRS sensor wire harness repair kits.

"heater air is not blowing" - No air? Then it might just be the blower motor

Spoon Sports

victor 5/16/2012

thank you so much victor

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