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Raymond Koji

Raymon ... 10/14/2016

2004 Volvo S40 T5 5 Cyl 2.50L


Air conditioner / jerking issue

My 2004 Volvo S40 T5 is having a few problems. firstly, the air conditioner blows hot air when idling, but cold air while driving. Secondly, it is jerking once or a couple times when coming to a stop / braking, and while accelerating from a stop. While driving at highway speeds, it does not jerk, and runs smoothly.
With the car on, when I turn on the air conditioner, the engine revs up a little and then drops. It repeats this about ever couple seconds. It also randomly makes a whistle sound with or without the AC on, and it sounds like it's coming from my dash.
Thanks for any help!

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