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wallypops 8/26/2012
2006 GMC Savana 3500 LT 8 Cyl 6.0L - Body & Interior
Air not coming out of vents enough. There is some air but not nearly enough. I can hear that it's working and feel it
I can feel the air and hear it but I think because it wasn't driven for a while some kind of door is stuck or seized. I need to know where that is and if I should pull all the dash apart to get at it to replace it. The air works, cycles normally but is not making it to the vents.
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  • CVO
    CVO 8/26/2012
    The Mode Door Actuator controls the direction of airflow. It selects which way air flows through the different ducts. If your climate control system has lost the ability to control which vents the air comes out of, the MDA has probably failed. Both the ATC and MTC systems use this device.

    Both failures can be seen by the climate control system's integrated diagnostics system.
    wallypops 9/5/2012
    Great answer! much appreciated! Now, how do I fix it?
  • wallypops
    wallypops 9/5/2012
    And my savana is vacuum activated and not servo motor actuated. Anyone got a diagram of where the door is, where the vacuum actuator is, and how to get at them?

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