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david 7/8/2011

1990 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl 2.20L


why do my air blow cool air when there is no leaks and i gage 45 pound of 134ra i cant feel a cold line both line r hot

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Jimm 7/9/2011

An a/c system with insufficient cool air may have one, or more of, these problems;
* low refrigerant charge; check system for leaks
* slipping compressor clutch
* loose drive belt
* clogged condensor
* clogged evaporator
* defective evaporator control valve
* faulty expansion valve
* faulty fixed orifice tube
* clogged receiver-drier screen
* clogged accumulator-drier filter
* moisture or air in system
* refrigerant overcharge
* blend door out of adjustment
May also check the a/c relay and the a/c compressor clutch engagement; wiring, any in-line fuse - to make sure the compressor is working.


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