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paul 7/2/2012
2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 6 Cyl 3.0L - Steering & Suspension
Air bag lite is on. The horn stop working and cruse control stop working.
The air bag light came on and the horn and cruse control stop working.
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  • raoul_tiesto
    raoul_tiesto 7/2/2012
    The only thing that,horn,airbag and cruise control have in common is the spiral cable also called clock spring.It the clock spring goes bad(has a open circuit)may cause all the above issues.Before u attempt any repairs u need to stop by at a shop to have your airbag system scanned for codes.That would be a accurate diagnosis before replacing any parts.
  • bob308
    bob308 11/17/2012
    Hey Paul just wanted to let you know its the clockspring in your steering column good luck its a $200.00 hit

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