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Ralph 11/20/2010

2006 Pontiac Pursuit Base 4 Cyl 2.2L

Preventive Maintenance

Is it advisable to have winter tires that are larger than summer tires?

The doorplate specifies 205/55R16 tires, which I use in the summer. However, I was sold 215/60R16 winter tires. Some tire shops say "That's OK" while others refuse to install the winter tires--citing safety concerns and "strain on the transmission as well as inaccurate speedometer/odometer". One advisor stated that you would want narrower tires (not wider) for better traction in the snow.

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Solid Snake

Solid Snake 11/21/2010

Its not a matter of size but a matter of purpose. So your from Ottawa ( i dont know a lot about Canada aside from the fact that its a beautiful country, but im guessing its snowing like hell there).

If it is indeed snowing like crazy there, dont even think of SUmmer tires, go with Winter since narrower tires are better in coping with snow. Now for the size diff. of 10, its ok, but like what the advisor said, the narrower the better. Inaacurate odometer readings are affected by tire diameter not width. A 215 diameter tire spins the same number of times with a 185 diameter tire of the same size.

Now you can use all season but the braking capabilities and cornering capabilities of a winter tire is far greater than the all season.

Wider tires are ok in the dry


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