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joshgrabia 12/24/2012
2006 Honda Accord EX 12Cyl6.6L - Steering & Suspension
Need advice on repair - power steering
So here's the deal...2 months ago I started smelling burning smells when turning. Took car in and powersteering hose was spraying fluid. They replace the hose and even better i get a letter in the mail from Honda saying there was a recall and they'd reimburse any repairs already done.
Fast foward to last week, my 2006 accord was making a horrible noise when turning wheel. Sounded like air in a hydrolic system. I take it in (same place that fixed the hose) and they say the steering column needs replacing. Ok...$1000 later i pick it up, drive off, and it's doing the exact same thing! Take it back in and they say oh...the new steering column they put in had a leak (same problem as my old one). It also sucked a bunch of air into the pump and now pump needs replacing as well. They are going to pick up the tab for the pump. My problem is that it was doing the exact same thing as it originally was. I find it hard to believe that a new part had the exact same problem as my old one.
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