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Turtle 12/28/2018

2003 Pontiac Vibe Base 4 Cyl 1.80L

Preventive Maintenance

Why can I not adjust the temperature in the cab? It's either full AC or full heat

The AC works great when on Max., however it doesn't blow cool air when on regular AC. The heat works good also when the selector knob is on heat. The problem is when I rotate the temperature thermostat knob, it doesn't adjust the temperature flowing out the vents. I can not achieve a comfortable temperature in the cab.

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Jimm 1/6/2019

Check these two (2) possible items - the heater blend door actuator and the a/c - heater control switch.

Try these on-line parts resources; www.autopartsanything.com; www.partsgeek.com; www.Rockauto.com, www.stockwiseauto.com - to list only a few.

In fact, they (RockAuto) list the replacement heater blend door actuator from around $10.50, and the a/c - heater control switch from around $47.00 for your vehicle.

Heater blend door actuator = SKP part #SK604132 - or it's equivalent
A/C-heater control switch = STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS part #DS2187 - or it's equivalent


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