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Sandy-Lee 10/19/2016

2007 Mercury Montego Premier 6 Cyl 3.00L


What do I do after adding brake fluid

Added brake fluid, still pedal goes to the floor. What should I do now?, no leaks.

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Teddy B

Teddy B 10/19/2016

Well-if your brake fluid is low-then you have a leak

Fluid Level goes down as the pads wear

You Do Not Top Off Any Fluids--no need to-pure non-sense
your pitched at shops

There are No Fluids Consumed in any vehicle

You have leaks--where do you think the fluid went ???

The fluid can leak from wheel cylinders or caliper seals
Those two are not all that common

It can leak from the end of the Master Cylinder & not be seen
That seldom ever happens

The most common is rusted out brake tubing

Unless your personally under the vehicle looking-- your not
able to say no leaks

If you went to a shop then why can they not resolve the issue ?

The pedal can only go to the floor if you have leaks,air in the system
or fluid going past the two pistons in the master cylinder

Not rocket science just the basics


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