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Jing_133 2/10/2021

2007 Mini Cooper S 4 Cyl 1.60L


I accidentally drove my car in manual sport mode...

So basically I wasn't paying attention and accidentally shifted into the manual sport mode on my 2007 Mini cooper S. After about 2-3 minutes and some acceleration, I noticed my car was being louder than usual. I pulled over to notice that I wasn't in drive, so I put it in drive and I drove home. The first 5-7 minutes was ok, but once I was on the highway accelerating to about 70 mph, my car started to vibrate and shake. Then, my acceleration wasn't working like it normally does. My foot was almost all the way down on the gas and it was not going at the rate that it should be. While in park I noticed that my car still rattles and gives off a deep rumble noise. Did I mess up my car? is this fixable?

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Jimm 2/17/2021

In sport mode the engine responds more spontaneously to movements of the accelerator. The steering response is more direct, and with automatic transmission there is rapid gear shifting. This is normal.

It has to do partly with the Valvetronic positioning and partly engine timing. Basically the engine becomes geared more towards performance and less toward economy.
Throttle response is increased by opening the valves more through the Valvetronic system and increasing valve overlap and using more aggressive (and slightly wasteful) timing per the VANOS system.

Automatic transmission changes are the most noticeable modifications with more positive (stiffer up/down) shifting which is delayed on all accelerations (probably unchanged at full throttle though) and earlier down-shifting on all decelerations.

As for the acceleration issue, are you using less than the recommended premium fuel, or do you have check engine light? If the engine is cold, isn’t running perfect or you have low grade fuel, it protects itself by reducing performance.


jackfitt 2/17/2021

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