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JJ 10/27/2018

2002 Mercury Villager Sport 6 Cyl 3.30L

Body & Interior

Accessory lights, power locks, power windows not working.

All of the fuses both under the hood and inside of the interior fuse panel have been changed and are working. ((all tested with machine)) . According to info in similar forums on line the Power Window Relay and circuit could be the issue. Based on the diagram I have the power window relay and circuits 1 and 2 are to the right of the interior fuse box and inside of the panel near the emergency gas shut off switch. The problem is that the relay and circuits inside of the panel look nothing like the ones that I bought at Auto Zone based on what should match my vehichle. Is it possible that different parts were used in this sports model? Please help? Am I looking in the right place? Could you send me an actual diagram of the wiring and the location of the power window relay? Can you point me in any direction that may be helpful based on what I have told you??

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