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Medicm ... 4/3/2010

1999 Honda Civic EX 4 Cyl 1.60L


When accelerating my car hesitates around 2,000 rmp after that it seems fine...what could be the problem?

99 Civic manual transmission 114,xxx miles, idles great, starts fine, no clinks or noises. Recently replaced......distributor, cap and rotor, both 02 sensors, wires, pluges, muffler and center pipe, and tires. Check engine light is on but I though it was the 02 sensors, no holes in exhausts. Please help!

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Chiekotz 6/29/2010

Here are the POSSIBLE reasons:

Since some of the reasons can be eliminated since you replaced some of the parts, you can easily narrow down the problem.

•The air filter is dirty
•The fuel filter is clogged
•The fuel pump is worn
•The ignition timing is wrong
•The catalytic converter is clogged
•The spark plugs is dirty
•The ignition wire set is bad
•The distributor cap and/or ignition rotor is bad


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