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Gmac 11/14/2015

1992 Chevrolet G30 Chevy Van 8 Cyl 5.70L

Preventive Maintenance

A/C Pressure Low side 20-45 / High Side 65 - Blows cold - ???

The AC Compressor on my Chevy van cycles on & off every 3-5 seconds, although it blows great cold air. The high/low side connectors have the R134a adapters over the R12 connectors so someone did a conversion at some point. I hooked up the gauges and the high side is only 60-65, the low side fluctuates between 20-45. The compressor comes on at 45, the pressure drops to 20 within 3 seconds, the compressor turns off. The pressure builds up to 45 again and the compressor turns on, drops to 20, off....repeat....
Any thoughts on this??
Thank you.

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