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Bob J

Bob J 8/1/2011

2006 Dodge Durango Limited 8 Cyl 5.70L

Preventive Maintenance

My A/C causes my passenger side floor board to get wet when highway driving, doesn't happen in town

I located the condensate drain pipe where it goes through fire wall. Just a 3/4" od x 11/2" stub. I attached a 3/4" id poly tubing to extend length and prevent direct air through engine compartment from preventing proper drain. (similar to increasing a flue vent for better draw). Still getting wet. Any Ideas. Also wonder if this model has an interior air filter?

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HouseCallAuto 8/1/2011

Blow compressed air into the tube, always works. There is junk blocking the tube inside. There is no cabin air filter in your truck.


Bob J 8/2/2011

I'll give it a try. Thanks you for the quick response!

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