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92bimmer 3/18/2010

1992 BMW 525i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Body & Interior

my a/c on/off button still not working

I push the button to turn it on and it does not light nor does the a/c turn on. I thought maybe indicator bulb was bad but do not think it is that. i have checked the fuses and they were all good. Checked them for continuity with my meter. I have the bentley service manual for this but it does not tell me a way to check the problem...like a troubleshooting guide. It shows how to pull the control unit(has the on/off switch) from the dash and then it gives me something completly different that is listed in the index as a "a/c control module" that is buried under the dash. nothing saying how to know which is part it could be or how to tell if they are good or bad. Any thoughts?

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Chris2000 3/18/2010

Try the relay center of the vehicle usually under the hood and should be labeled one of the relays should run the heat/ ac control. if that doesn't work then you will need to pull off the control unit and test it you'll need a wiring diagram to help you test if the control unit is getting power and if it is functioning properly.


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