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Rebecca 11/27/2010
2003 Chrysler Voyager LX 6 Cyl 3.3L - Body & Interior
A/C is making loud noise when I have fan on high setting. What should I look for or do?
When I turn the A/C on high, it has a loud obnoxious noise that usually goes away if I lower the fan setting. Almost as if something is blocking the vent?
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  • TechSam
    TechSam 11/28/2010
    You may have to change the blower motor as it is seasing up and may quit soon altogather.
    backyardfixer 11/28/2010
    i agree pull it out first may have leaves or somthing hitting the squrile cage or fan if free and clear replace blower unit
    Rebecca 11/29/2010
    Thank you both so much! I will have it checked.

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