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Richard Clowes

Richar ... 7/7/2018

2007 Honda Odyssey LX 6 Cyl 3.50L

Body & Interior

AC Drivers Side blowing "neutral"

1) The AC on the driver's side on Valerie Odyssey 2007 is not blowing cold but the passenger side is.
2) Therefore I'm assuming it's not for a lack of Freon if one side is cold.
3) I took off the actuator and manually moved the levers and I can get it to blow warm or neutral but never cold. That's what is stumping me. Why would it not blow cold by manually changing the levers? I was intending to replace the actuator but if it's still not cold then what good would that do? Unless there's something in the actuator that says " kick in the ac" and without it - it just blows.
I'm a car novice so please talk car 101 language ;-)

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Jimm 7/7/2018

First step - have the a/c system refrigerant level checked, and refilled as necessary.

Check out the driver's side air mix motor. This has been an issue with previous model years - if the air mix motor is the issue, it can be fixed in 15 -20 minutes.

There are two baffle actuators, one on the passenger side and one on the driver's side that direct heat or cooling to each side of the vents. That actuator can fail and you get the symptoms you described.

Replace the blend door actuator with a new unit. The cost is around $110.00~120.00 - for part 79160-SHJ-A01 (driver's side air-mix motor 2005-07. You can also purchase the part aftermarket = DORMAN part #604868 {#79140SHJA01} for a cost of around $97.00.

Try these on-line parts resources; www.autopartsanything.com; www.partsgeek.com; www.Rockauto.com, www.stockwiseauto.com - to list only a few.

In fact, they (RockAuto) list the replacement a/c / heater blend door actuator from around $97.00 for your vehicle.

Note the position of the levers look like 11:20 on an analog clock.

These are the basic installation steps:

1. Turn on car and change temperature settings to HI for drivers side. This positions the actuator to the same position as the new unit.

2. Turn off the car

3. Remove drivers feet heater ducting (3 screws). Note white tubing is attached by a clip.

4. Remove air-mix motor (3 screws) & green wire clip (depress button & pull)

5. Attach new actuator. Note that the 2 pins on the motor need to fit in the slots.

6. Reinstall ducting (3 screws and attach white tubing to clip)


Richard Clowes 7/7/2018

To be clear blend door actuator=air motor mix right?
Do you know if I can move the levers by hand to the "cold" position and I still don't feel cold then will replacing the part solve it? I assume it's the cold position as it's the opposite of hot (because it will blow hot)?
Also, if the passenger side is cold wouldn't automatically the driver side "have sufficient freon" available to it?


Jimm 7/7/2018

Yes, the actuator is also known as the air-mix motor.

Be sure to first check the refrigerant level in the a/c system and refill as necessary. A low refrigerant charge can cause the hot-cold blend issues.

Moving the levers by hand does not necessarily indicate the actuators are okay, nor does this indicate the refrigerant charge is sufficient.

Richard Clowes

Richard Clowes 7/8/2018

To end the story (for now at least), I went to the local auto parts store and bought some AC Pro Professional Formula Refrigerant with Gauge and Hose (20 oz.). I followed the instructions (which were pretty clear) and filled up to the "green" settings. it was on low (very low) and now we feel air out of both vents. I did not need to change the blend door actuator (at least not for now). I had assumed a lack of refrigerant wasn't the issue because I assumed that it would blow cold on both sides automatically if there was refrigerant at all. At least I know how to change the actuator if I ever need to do that. By the way, for any novices out there (and I'm a big time novice), it is pretty obvious to tell whether the actuator was working in hindsight.

Richard Clowes

Teddy B 7/9/2018

The problem will be back,if you had add Refrigerant.
You never found & repaired the leak or understand
the HVAC System.
Best to purchase a Factory Service Manual & leave
A/C work to those with the Equipment & Knowledge
to be working in A/C.


Jimm 7/8/2018

That's good feedback, glad things worked out for your issue.


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