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Itsdesmond 10/7/2012
2002 Mercedes Benz C240 Base 6 Cyl 2.6L - Engine
Sometimes my ac cools sometimes it doesn't ,especially during hot weather what could be the problem?
I recently just had my compressor changed everything was fine for the first six months until recently
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  • tjcashwell
    tjcashwell 11/14/2012
    Had the same problem.....need to add air conditioning fluid to your system....Go to AutoZone and explain problem....they have the pressurized coolant fluid to add to your system...Comes in a can ....about $20....Can do it yourself.....or (I have a friend who is more mechanically inclined than I)...have a mechanic do it....not a big job...but a Cold world of difference !!....Hope this helps

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