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daddyfrank 7/2/2010

1988 Mazda RX-7 Turbo 2 Cyl 1.3L


a/c compressor getting power

i have a 1988 mazda rx7 with a/c problems.repare shops says no power to current compressor.i purchased a compressor on ebay.is there any way to check to see if it is good before having installed?thanks. fge

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HouseCallAuto 7/2/2010

No power to the compressor does not mean replace the compressor, it means find why there is not battery voltage reaching the compressor. To test the clutch on the compressor (this is only a test for the electric clutch plate / magnet / coil) just hook up battery and ground to the wire lead or connector pins from an external source or just attach jumper leads from the car battery and the clutch will click and engage or it will not.


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