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David 5/3/2010

2003 Mazda MPV EX 6 Cyl 3.0L

Body & Interior

A/C is cold then warm then cold then warm

A/C works good when initally turned on but after a few minutes then warms. After a few minutes it is cold again??

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yboy82 10/4/2010

What have you done so far to fix the irregularity in the operation of your a/c? It is possible that moisture is present in your a/c system and when the moisture reaches your expansion valve it will develop into ice and restricts the flow of Freon in your system (that’s when you felt the warm air) and when the ice melts it allow the flow of Freon so it resume the normal operation of your a/c (when you felt the cold air). If moisture is present in your system you should perform evacuation in your HVAC system and inspect for leaks.


David 10/5/2010

I overfilled the system. When corrected the A/C works great!

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