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joe 7/4/2011

2003 Buick Century Custom 6 Cyl 3.1L


abs and trac off lights come on

my abs and trac-off lights come on occassionally, if i turn off car and restart they go out, sometimes after a while they come back on not always ?

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 7/4/2011

Only one way to solve this problem, while these blinking light might mean your wheel speed sensor or ABS might be faulty, a scan will be able to verify this. Its easy really...

1. Get it scanned
2. Post the code here in this forum
3. Get your answer including ways on how to change a particular part.

Please do not reply by clicking "Reply". reply by clicking "Answer Question" so it will reflect in my INBOX so i can get back to you if something comes up


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