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Ricky and Laurie

Ricky ... 3/18/2010

2000 Chevrolet Blazer LS 6 Cyl 4.3L


My ABS sytem started humming last night and now my truck won't start. Has it gone out. Never heard of one doing that.

If i disconnect the sytem, would it be drivable to the mechanic less than 4 miles away.?

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Chris2000 3/19/2010

the abs system shouldn't have anything to do with the truck starting. Are you sure it was the ABS? If the abs has a problem it will kick on the abs warning light and if the light is on the abs system has shut down. But that does not affect the stopping power of your brakes it will only dissable the ability of the brakes to pump in a hard stop. If the brake system has lost pressure meaning there is a hydraulic leak then your brake warning light should be on if this is the case. I would not drive the truck with out the ability to stop. But again the abs shouldn't make the car shut down, and it doesn't stop the brakes from functioning if both the abs light and the brake emergency light are on there is a more serious problem and i wouldn't drive the truck .


Ator27 3/20/2010

If by not start you mean the battery is dead yes the abs internal relay is stuck on. This is common on that vehicle and the abs module which is the brain on top of the abs valve body and pump will need to be replaced. They are very pricey like 600 to 900 dollars new.


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